Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Special Milestone

I'm rather excited about this mini post - it's just a quick note to say thanks to all of you who read my blog, as you have helped me to reach a small but important milestone in the Becky BakesWell journey. Today this little blog reached its 1000 view marker!

The closing date for the business start-up competition I am entering Becky BakesWell into is nearing and it's making me consider in more detail what I would like Becky BakesWell to become. For the application, I have to consider who my market would be, what I would want to sell and what my vision is for the business.

I have dreams that one day there would be a Becky BakesWell shop. What would you want from a cake shop? Would you want to buy sandwiches and drinks? Would it be the sort of place you'd want to grab a sandwich and cake to-go or would it be the sort of place to sit at a table and linger over a magazine with a cup of coffee and a slice of cake? Would quirky milkshakes and cookies hit the spot?

I'd love a cake shop to be the sort of place that people go to, to meet up. Maybe where you can go to do crafts along with tea and cake - maybe a craft session hosted by someone else, but the place to go to hang out and be creative without making a mess in your own living room?

Why not drop me a post about your dream cake shop and what it would be like?

Thanks for popping by and reading!

Becky Bakeswell x


  1. My Fave cake shop would be all vintagey and pastely coloured, a bit like my own kitchen really ha ha!
    With giant oversized glass jars with cookies in.
    Flavored milkshakes and homemade cakes and nice afternoon teas with sandwiches! ooooooh lovely!
    All the staff would wear cute little matching outfits, and it would sell handmade gifts too xx good luck with your application

  2. Haha, seems like we have very similar taste! I'd love a vintage haberdashery cabinet filled with goodies to make quirky milkshakes and a wall of duck-egg blue painted shelving with a sliding ladder to reach glass jars filled with cookies and pastel coloured macaroons.

    Hmmm this competition has got a lot to answer for in terms of my daydreams! :)