Friday, 11 May 2012

Cake Love

Recently, people have asked me if I will be buying or making my own wedding cake. In my dreams, where money is no object, I'm catching a train to London to make the pilgrimage to Peggy Porschen's pink parlour in Belgravia to beg her to make me a cake like this...

Then I wake up!

There is no way that we can afford a Peggy Porschen cake and I should say right away that there's no way I can make sugar roses as beautiful and realistic as this, but I do like the idea of baking our wedding cake. It seems natural for me to consider it as baking and cakes consume most of my thoughts and I would want a lot of input into the design of the cake anyway. I will need to practise and experiment until I have the sort of quality and finish that I would be happy with but this also is a good thing for Becky BakesWell anyway.

People who know me, also know of my love for polka dots and anything Cath Kidston related, so these cake ticks boxes for me!

However, as our wedding is at Christmas this sort of design could be lovely - especially as it means I get to make royal icing snowflakes, which I love to do.

I do love Peggy Porschen cakes though and her Paris themed cake would also fit in nicely if we did decide to go ahead with plans to stay in Paris for our honeymoon...

Just as I think I have pinned down what I like though, I start to consider cupcakes and a small cake as a top tier!

 Feel free to share the cake love by posting any ideas or photos of cakes for inspiration that you think are pretty and unusual. 

Becky Bakeswell x

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