Sunday, 29 July 2012

Have your cake and eat it!

I can't claim that this chocolate cake is a health food, but it is a special cake indeed. All too often, cakes that are trumpeted as being low in fat, are sadly also lacking in taste. But not this one! This chocolate cake is fudgey and very chocolatey, yet it manages to be lower in fat than a usual chocolate cake. 

A small slice of this cake comes in at 10.4g fat compared to a standard 49g bar of Dairy Milk which weighs in at 14g of fat. Now don't sneer at a small slice - as this cake has a fudge-like depth, you wouldn't want a big slab of it. Every little helps... 

Want to know the secret to this tasty, slightly healthier chocolate cake? 

Butternut squash - I kid you not! 

Wanna test it out? Get in touch and order it!  

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