Monday, 16 July 2012

Cookie Love - Update

A while ago,  I posted about a cookie cutter set I bought in New York and this weekend I managed to play about with some ideas using the cutters. I wanted to use a reliable cookie recipe that would produce a dough that can be rolled out easily and is not too sweet. I'm happy with the results, but still feel there's room to play around with different cookie recipes to suit the mood - sometimes I like a light, crisp cookie, other times I'd like a more 'short' sort of biscuit, like shortbread.

These cookies are very adaptable as I can change the messages to suit the occasion - for my practice cookies, I used the star cutter and the message 'You're a star', the heart cutter with 'I love you' and the scalloped edge rectangle cutter with 'Becky Bakeswell' and 'Keep calm carry on.' However, the messages can be changed easily, so I thought they would come in handy as wedding favours with the names of the couple stamped into them, birthday cookies or maybe baby shower cookies.

Looking forward to using them again!

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