Thursday, 8 March 2012

Easter Cake - Update

 The Easter cake is very nearly finished. All I need to do is add a piece of co-ordinating ribbon to the edge of the cake board and we are done!

 Looking at the cake as a finished piece, I have a soft-spot for the marzipan duck and chicks - they make me cheerful when I see them guarding the fake cake (the cake is a dummy cake for my assessment). There are some imperfections that do niggle me a bit - I can't help it, it's the perfectionist diva in me. However, I know what I would need to do to put these things right to improve the finish for future cakes, which I guess is the important thing.

In more news, we take delivery of our new oven on Saturday! I feel a bit of a traitor to the sisterhood doing a  little kitchen dance at this exciting news especially as it's International Women's Day and I'm cooing over pictures of the oven like a proud parent! However, like a baby, this oven is long over-due and presents a new chapter in my life as Becky BakesWell. Living without an oven for seven months has been torturous - no homemade roasties in all this time (cue sniffling and sob). My family have been kind enough to let me use their ovens to bake cakes for friends, and without them, my mission to start delivering cake happiness would have been impossible indeed!

This weekend, roasties and cake baking are on my agenda - will post more recipes and cake related adventures soon!

Happy Baking,
Becky B x

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