Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Cookie Love

I am rather excited that I will have some time over Easter to experiment with these babies from NY. I went to New York at Christmas for a very special holiday and as Dan and I were striding through the streets on Christmas Eve near Park Avenue,  I squealed with excitement when I saw a Williams Sonoma store - I know,  I know - squealing should be reserved for the shop with the little blue boxes... not a kitchenware shop eh? Sorry to disappoint, but that's the kinda geeky gal I am! Rather than trying to desperately fit clothes or gadgets into my suitcase as mementos of my stay in the Big Apple, I was dreaming up schemes to bring my baking booty back to Blighty!

I had seen these cookie cutters on the WS website about a year before my trip and was crestfallen to find that the site only sent international deliveries out to certain countries and the UK was not on the list. So to find these cutters in the Park Avenue area store made the wait worthwhile. I have been on the WS site recently though and it seems that they have now added UK to their list of global deliveries. Not before time too!

I think I'll need to experiment with a few cookie recipes beforehand to get a good balance between a fine crumb texture to make sure that lettering is clear on the cooked cookies and to make sure that the finished cookies taste good. All too often, cookies are a case of style over substance, resembling mini works of art rather than the tasty treats that they deserve to be.

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