Saturday, 4 July 2015

Past, Present and Future

Blog updates

Becky BakesWell has had a bit of a rebrand and the blog will be updated every Monday from this point on. So why did I take a bit of a rest from blogging? The honest answer is that for a year, I worked as a baker at a tea room. I loved my job and it felt great to be baking cake for a living. However, baking for a large portion of the week meant that I didn't always have the time or the inclination to blog what I had baked at home. Quite often I would bake something at home on the spur of the moment and I wouldn't have the camera set up to document the process, so the blog wouldn't get written. 

Another reason for my self-imposed rest from blogging was that I felt disloyal to the tea room that I worked at. It may sound strange, particularly as my managers would not have minded me blogging in the slightest, but I felt that I couldn't really put all my effort into Becky BakesWell whilst baking for someone else. 

So, why did I leave and what am I doing now? 

In the end, the financial constraints of working part-time on a standard baker's wage meant that it wasn't a viable long-term career move. I was sad to leave the kitchen behind, but my new career as a content editor means that I can combine two passions in life - writing copy and baking in my spare time. 

What does the future hold for Becky BakesWell?

I am happy to say that Becky BakesWell is going through a period of exciting development. I am now available to take orders for cakes and sweet treats, I fancy having a go at selling cakes at food markets and a website will be coming soon. I need to finish my taste test series and I would like to do some short baking films over the summer months. 

Look out for my next blog post on Monday.

Happy Baking,

Becky BakesWell. x

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