Sunday, 22 March 2015

I'm Baaaack!

It's a long time since I posted on here - far too long.

I didn't intend to have a break from posting on here, I just found myself instagramming photos of things I have baked and uploading photos directly to Facebook rather than creating blog posts. Once a few weeks had passed, it became harder to get back into the blogging groove. I also think that sometimes, it is difficult to consistently put time and effort into blogging without any interaction between me and the people who may come into contact with what I write. Especially when Instagram or other social media sites provide that instant connection and exposure.

So, why start blogging again?

Well, I have missed the creative outlet that a blog provides. There have also been developments at Becky BakesWell HQ - I have registered with my local council to bake for the public now, not just for friends and family. I am in the middle of deciding whether to register my business as a 'sole trader' company or  a 'ltd' company - a little bit daunting, but exciting nevertheless!

Watch out over the next few weeks for a flurry of updates on baking projects and a re-brand of the blog!

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