Friday, 1 February 2013

Becky BakesWell guest posts

Hey there,

Just a quick note to tell you about 2 new Becky BakesWell  guest posts!

Duck Egg Designs

Image courtesy of Duck Egg  Designs (C)

Click me to go to Duck Egg Designs.

Last Autumn, Thursday nights were spent with a cheeky biscuit (or three), a mug of hot chocolate and Kirstie's Vintage Home. I think that my fella must love me as Kirstie's weakness for a bargain at an antiques fair or her wild eyed looks when she gets near a button box do not ignite the creative spark for him as they do for me, but I love all things crafty and Allsopp related so he kindly obliges! 

If you watched Kirstie's Vintage Home, you might remember seeing Ellie Harrington in Episode 3. I remembered the episode in particular because I was really impressed by the quirky yet sophisticated vintage style achieved in Ellie's kitchen and dining room with the big reveal at the end. One particular feature inspired me and that was the roman blind with the hand stamped duck motif. 

Since the programme aired, Ellie's interior business 'Duck Egg Designs' has developed into a strong brand which has received acclaim and a strong following on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. In a funny twist of fate, Ellie gave me the amazing opportunity to write a guest post for the Duck Egg Designs blog which you can read here...

Click me to go to Duck Egg Diary guest post.

So big thanks again to Ellie for the opportunity!

Cooking From Books

The second post is on the blog that I share with a friend - Cooking From Books. After a bit of a break from posting on there, we wanted to get it up and running again, so my post for the Ploughman's Pasties that I've been talking about on Facebook and Twitter went live on there yesterday, so hop on over to check it out!

Click me to go to Cooking From Books guest post.

Ploughman's Pasties for Cooking From Books.
Image courtesty of Ma Memoire Photography (C)

As I will have more time to dedicate to Becky BakesWell and Cooking From Books from now on, watch out for some Becky BakesWell tutorials, baking films courtesy of Ma Memoire Photography, updates on wedding cake planning and a series of themed posts.

Exciting times are ahead!

Becky BakesWell

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