Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ice Cream Dreams...

Dan bought an ice cream maker for us about a month ago and since then, we have been like two crazy ice cream Doc Browns in our kitchen, trying to create the DeLorean of ice creams that takes us back to our childhood. We have made raspberry ripple, banana choc chip (yummy) and a special for my Dad as a Father's Day treat - rum and raisin.

I bought the Ben and Jerry's ice cream recipe book and would definitely recommend it as a bible for ice cream crazies like us!

Last weekend, we made Jerry's ice cream base from the book and decided to experiment with the idea of making a Black Forest Gateau ice cream.

Making Jerry's chocolate ice cream base mixture.

 We both have fond childhood memories of the cake and wanted to see if it would work as an ice cream. We chopped up pieces of choc chip muffin, black cherries and doused them with a generous glug of cherry brandy.

. A few chocolate chunks whirled into the mix too and this is the result...Dreamy!


  1. oooooh this sounds lush, i want an ice cream maker now! though I dont think it would help my diet xx

  2. Haha, I know what you mean! Going to try to make Ben and Jerry's style Fro Yo as a way to get my ice cream hit without the guilt!