Saturday, 3 December 2011

Launch of the Becky BakesWell blog!

I have been busy in the kitchen today making Christmas puddings - a tradition that started accidentally really, when I was thirteen. When I made my first pudding, the recipe created a comical amount of pudding mix, so I decided to make smaller puddings for my grandparents. Rather impressed, they handed back the pudding bowls in hope of receiving one the following year and a tradition was born.

One year, I made Christmas puddings for people I work with as a Christmas present and now they hand back their pudding bowls hopeful that they will receive another the following year. Last Summer, my boss bought me some beautiful Fortnum and Mason pudding bowls, as a not-so-subtle hint that she would love a Christmas pudding in return!

Tomorrow, I'll post the Christmas pudding recipe and some photos.

Pop back soon!

Becky x

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