Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Cupcakes

This week has passed by in a flurry of cupcake activity! At the beginning of the week I made several batches of cupcakes for colleagues at work and then a batch for Lesley, my auntie, who wanted a dozen cakes using a red, white and green theme. I'm really happy at the way the snowflakes have turned out - particularly when they were misted with edible pearlescent spray. Courtesy of the spray, the snowflakes took on a glittering, frosty quality faster than you could say "Winter Wonderland!"

For the red, white and green Christmas cupcakes, I couldn't resist blitzing up a candy cane with my hand blender to create candy cane rubble to sprinkle over the top of the blankets of vanilla butter cream. I also found amazing edible glitter sprinkles which were in the shape of shiny, tiny green fir trees.

Merry Christmas,
Becky Bakeswell x


  1. These look lovely Becky! When I saw this post I automatically assumed the snowflakes were bought, until I look further down to discover you had made them as well! Really lovely. I've also found myself starting to bake a lot more since entering the world of work, what a fab way to unwind! Happy baking!

  2. Hello, lovely to hear from you! Starting Becky BakesWell has been really exciting, I love going to the shops to stock up on edible glitter and cupcake cases - like buying make-up for cakes!

    The snowflakes were a bit of an experiment but they were really satisfying to make. If you ever give them a go, try to pipe them on to baking parchment as they are more likely to lift off the parchment without breaking.

    I contribute to my friend's blog too -

    Becky x