Sunday, 20 April 2014

Becky BakesWell Taste Test #2 - Cheap Flour v Posh Flour

Well, the cakes have been baked, eaten and the results are in!

For a girl who spent her childhood in the kitchen pretending to be a TV cook, making this baking film has been fun. I do have to say thanks in particular to my husband for filming the baking process in a creative way and then working hard to edit the footage to produce the three minutes of eye candy you are about to see.

I will write a separate post later to explain the reasons behind the decision we came to about the winning flour, but I want to give you all a chance to see the film without encountering spoilers.

Click on the thumbnail below to watch the film.

Watched the film? Was the result what you expected it to be? Leave any questions or comments in the comments box below.

Watch out for the results discussion soon.

Becky BakesWell x

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