Saturday, 22 December 2012

Ring out the old, bring in the new...

This Christmas marks a huge turning point in my life - I am leaving behind a career that I trained for years to do and have been successful in, but has slowly made me ill. I have decided to take a leap of faith and leave the profession to do something else. I'm nervous, but I'm also excited as my new role will leave me with spare time that I didn't have before to indulge in my passion for baking. 2013 will be a big year for me in lots of ways - particularly as I will be taking on the challenge of making my own wedding cake. I hope you'll keep popping by to share the baking adventures!

As money is tight this Christmas, I have been making lots of presents. I will be creating little videos to show you how to make these items in the new year -  I can't put them on here until the gifts have been given out, but I am looking forward to giving Becky BakesWell a bit of an overhaul over the next few months. Help me make this blog even more exciting, by telling me on the comments page what you would like to see more of! 

I thought I'd leave you with a quick photo of the batch of Christmas cupcakes that I was making in my last post and a link to a Becky BakesWell playlist of funky Christmas soul tunes to help you shake what your mamma gave you as you craft, bake and gift-wrap your way into a very merry Christmas! 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

Becky BakesWell x 

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