Thursday, 20 September 2012

Neighbourhood Batch

Just wanted to give a shout out and some friendly publicity for a great new business idea - Neighbourhood Batch! Neighbourhood Batch is a gem of a small business that's recently opened as a service operating in the London area where people can order from a variety of cakes/cookies/sweet treats and small, independent bakers can sell their goods through the site for an agreed price (taking into account the small fee that the Batch team charge to cover delivery costs). The Neighbourhood Batch team pick up the goodies from the sellers and deliver them to the happy people who have placed their orders! 

At the moment, Neighbourhood Batch is only operating in the London area, but if there are any readers out there who live in the London area, you should have a nosy on the site. Friendly Dan at the Neighbourhood Batch told me that he hopes to expand further afield if there's enough interest. 

This seems to be a good service which supports local bakers and helps to deliver cake happiness to all, so support Dan and the Batch team by checking out the site and the twitter page!

Becky Bakeswell x 

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