Saturday, 4 February 2012

Spring Makeover

Despite the festive snow and cold weather, I felt it was time for the BakesWell blog to have a bit of a makeover, ready for the spring! I've had a busy week baking a birthday cake in the shape of a leopard for a friend's daughter. I have also progressed on to the next stage of decoration for my assessment cake on my cake decoration course. More photos to follow on that...

More good news also comes in the form of the oven we have finally ordered! I have been baking at my mum's as my lovely range has been broken since the summer, but I have found it difficult to choose a replacement. We have (after looking at every major oven company that produces ranges) decided to go for the Rangemaster Elan in Latte.

I'm so excited that I will be able to bake cakes in my kitchen again and I'm looking forward to roast potatoes again on Sundays - yum!

Happy baking!
Becky x

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